Somehow I ended up training swimming with the local triathlon club. Guess if you sleep with the dogs, you end up... So comming from the ultrarunning what do you look at when looking for your first race? Endurance! Then I found out Endurance triathlon was a valid google search theme. So somewhere end december I signed up for Evergreen228 in Chamonix early sept.

Training plan got build up in my head, I would have all summer to get the cycling in. It had been years since I hadn't pushed those 2 wheels on the flat, let alone up some serious mountains. But with a history of quite a bit of bike riding I was confident it could be done in six months.

Came first week of March, my sister announced her wedding... excactly in the Evergreen weekend. Happy for her, angry because she messed up my big goal for 2017. A few evenings later Google told me TriathlonX could be a serious alternative. Slight problem: it reduced my remaining preparation time from a rather comfortably 6 to a scaring 3 months only.

I managed to get some good qualitative trainings in during March and April, but May was a nightmare with loads of travel for work and family obligations over the weekends. Before you know it's June and you don't want to over do it in the last weeks, do you?

On the ferry over from Rotterdam to Hull I checked my Strava and realised that I only got 10 proper bike rides in. Most of them hilly, but none over 150km. Quite a bit of swimming and running should hopefully compensate.

Nevertheless I felt confidend that I could tackle this escapade.

We arrived on the Thursday and went for a recce out from the Old Dungeon to Scaffel Pike. With mist and rain coming in we didn't even found top! I quickly realised that the kit list was well tought over and I was glad to have it with me. Friday a recce with the mobilhome of the first half of the bike course and resting, the tension was rising!

Finally we got in the water and 18h15min the finish was there! 

It was a great first Triathlon expierience and I'll surely do a similar "thing" again.

See you around!