So two years down the line I was having a sleepless Friday night in Ambleside worried I’d miss the three a.m. start in the morning. That didn’t happen and L.W. (lovely wife and top support crew) and I drove the short distance to the transition area at Watershead.


Though bustling, this was very different to say an Ironman event. By the way the name Ironman is actually a brand, like Nike or Tesco. It has however become synonymous with the ‘long course’ triathlon.


The X’ field numbers in the low two hundreds whereas an ‘Ironman’ your looking at two maybe two and a half thousand.


Right, parked up, unload what seems to be an unnecessary amount of kit. Rack the bike, go to the loo. Sort wet suit out. Go to the loo. Bike kit, Yep loo and so on.


Race briefing at four fifteen, swim start at four thirty, oh yeh, loo.


The swim, two point for miles, in Windermere, goes well, out of the water and head for transition and the bike.


Now, when your not much of a swimmer and therefore your swim takes an hour and thirty five minutes, two things generally happen. One, you continue to be baffled how the front swimmer is out in fifty six minutes and secondly, your body thinks your drunk.


For a long course tri most people will change completely into bike riding kit, particularly shorts. Others usually the forerunners opt for a Tri suit worn under the wet suit