I took on Triathlon X (again), which I honestly think every athlete needs somewhere on their bucket list. 

I’m not generally the sort of person who makes a big deal of races, but Tri X really is something special and the more people who know about it the better. I’ve raced it twice now, both times leading the ladies race at certain points, then falling back to second and getting the Vets award instead and still find myself drawn back for more.

This year was so hard but so beautiful, and shuffling in the final eight miles with my daughter Lizzie whilst the light faded over Scafell and we reflected on the events of the day, was something which will stay with me for ever. I did tell her not to let me do it again, but find myself already completing the early bird entry for next year.

It was an awesome day out, with probably the friendliest, most supportive fellow competitors I’ve ever raced against. The conditions made it such that we were all in it together and the overall outcome was less important.

Women… where are you?!

One thing that did strike me was the total lack of women in the field. And only two of us finished the full course. Not quite the stats of a normal ironman race.

Are the girls put off by the course description, 33% bike gradients, remote unsupported mountain run and tight time cut offs? These are of course all the things that made me want to do the race.

I’m no bra-burning feminist, but I do think more women could be encouraged to have a go, they currently don’t know what they’re missing. It would be good for more than 1% of the starting field to be female next year.